Superfood Advantage Hemp Meal Fiber - 9.1kg (20lb) bag

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Top up your horse feed with the goodness of hemp! Praise Hemp Superfood Advantage is a nutritious supplement composed of 47% Fibre to help support Digestion, Energy and Immunity.

EASY ON TUMMY does not contain trypsin enzyme inhibitors that block protein digestion, such as those found in legumes (soybeans, which are mostly GMO and also contain phyto-estrogens), grains (wheat) and nuts that cause food intolerances or allergies. Excellent source of digestible fibre.

Ingredients: Hemp meal

Nutrition Profile:

Protein: 16%
Fat: 7%
Carbohydrates: 65%
Fibre: 47%
Moisture: 12%

Available sizes: 9.1kg (20lb) bag

Feeding instructions: Horses 500g (2 cups), Ponies 250g (1 cup) per day, mixed into feed. For additional support, double the dosage or as recommended by your veterinarian.This product is intended for supplemental feeding only. Use as part of your horse’s healthy eating plan.

16% PROTEIN | 7% FAT | 47% FIBRE

* Not a source of CBD or THC


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JINI SAYS: If you're looking for a fiber supplement that also contains some protein and good fat - this hemp meal topper is a great choice.

The difference between this and the Superfood Performance is that this one is higher in fiber, whereas the Performance Hemp Meal is higher in protein (and higher in fat). So choose whichever is best nutritionally for your horse.

If you're wondering which one horses prefer... I tested both on 8 horses and they all preferred the Superfood Performance (higher in protein and fat) which makes sense. But all the horses would eat both when sprinkled on their feed dish.

Personally, I feed less than the amount recommended and that feels good to me - but tune into your horse's body and see what they need, which may change from day to day. Listen to your horse!