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Healing The Wounded Angry Masculine

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“The 3-Step Quantum Healing Series to release foundational trauma…”
…Are you tired of anger and powerlessness ruining your life & relationships?

Are you struggling to move on from the pain of abuse, abandonment, or trauma? Are you ready to heal your woundings and let go of the anger that may be holding you back?

Join this Powerful Mind/Body Healing Series

Watch the first video (top of this page with the images) for the story of how and why my horse Montaro asked me to create this series in the first place!

Then watch the next two videos for a preview of Session 2 & 3 in the Series.

“Lazer Tapping is a fantastic technique with effects lasting long after the session. It’s been a few days now and I feel the energy is still rearranging inside! Thank you for helping the world step forward into freedom.” – G.S.

Session #1
Give emotions permission to move into flow & release, open the subconscious to new possibilities

Session #2
Go into the roots of anger & feeling powerless; identify core needs that weren’t met & offer compassion

Session #3
You’re now ready for a deep dive to release some core traumas and offer them up for transformation

Free Bonus
Are you tired of beating up on yourself? Do you lack patience and tolerance with yourself?


Healing is always an inside job. Others can assist you, but at the end of the day, only you can give yourself permission to heal & move forward. Don’t let the pain and anger of your past hold you back any longer.

Experience the freedom you’ll feel when you release anger, blame, shame & powerlessness. Don’t let the pain and anger of your past hold you back any longer. Move into release, expansion, relief, EXHALE and lightness!

“Tapping is proving to be a completely invaluable tool. I am no longer in agony with stomach pain all the time, which is miraculous in itself. There are numerous issues tapping has helped, and continues to help, with, so thank you so much for making this incredible tool available. It is proving to be a massive support for me whilst traversing this crazy healing journey and I know it will continue to be for the rest of my life. Thank you again.” – E.T.

Come Home to your Wild Authentic Masculine - Highlights From This Healing Series:

  • Access both the subconscious and the energy body using this powerful mind-body-spirit interface.

  • Jini has already helped over 100,000 people heal from supposedly incurable diseases. The mind, body and spirit are ONE.

  • Release the stranglehold of anger, shame, blame, and being victimized by those with more power.

  • Jini not only connected with Montaro and the Divine to create these sessions, she also pulled from her own history of rage and powerlessness, from being beaten as a child.

  • Talk therapy alone cannot shift these traumas; we have to go into the actual cellular memory of the body, and then into the quantum field to release the frequencies of emotional wounding.

  • These sessions will help you release the emotional vibrations that are creating your reality, the trauma locked into your body memory, and also down-regulate your nervous system.

This powerful series can help you improve your mental and emotional well-being, tap into your own inner strength and resilience, and create greater peace and calm in your life.

“As the tapping sessions continued, I could feel the energetic reunion taking place inside me between my spiritual self and my physical self. It was so emotional. It was like being reunited with your family after decades of losing sight of them, not knowing if they were still alive or not. I felt an indescribable relief and emotional overwhelm (in a good way) as well as a sense of “everything will be ok now that we are whole.” – L.J.

NOTE: You can also try the 1st Session in this Series for free! Just CLICK HERE and we'll email it to you.