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Custom-Formulated Supplement for Your Horse


FREE SHIPPING! within the Continental USA*


HorseTech's founder, Rod Johnson, will work with you directly to either formulate a supplement blend unique to your horse OR to customize one of their existing products by adding what you need to it.

  • Do you have a horse with special needs, or lots of allergies or intolerances?
  • Perhaps you're dealing with a very specific condition like laminitis or Cushing's?
  • Or perhaps your grass or hay nutrient profile is causing problems and you need very specific supplementation to balance it out?

In this special arrangement for horse listeners, there is no charge for the formluation - you only pay for the ingredients, same as all of HorseTech supplements! PLUS you'll receive a 5% discount.

Imagine how much you would have to pay an Equine Nutritionist to do this formulation for you... but there is no extra charge for this expert consult - you only pay for ingredients, plus receive a 5% discount!

Simply add this product/service to your shopping cart and we'll email you full instructions and your discount code the next business day. You won't be charged for the product until you begin your consultation/formulation with HorseTech.

You can come to Rod with a detailed formula already worked out, or just a hay analysis, or just an outline of your horse's needs and health issues - he can assist you no matter what your level of knowledge/clarity.

If you're wondering how much it will cost (ballpark) then take a look at the other HorseTech supplements in the Shoppe for a rough idea.

TIP: Some nutrients are commonly used in synthetic form, so be sure to specify if you want all ingredients to be natural (like the ones in this Shoppe). Make sure you specify the D-Alpha form of Vitamin E - not DL-Alpha, which is synthetic.


You will receive an email with all the instructions you need to begin your consult, the next BUSINESS day. You can also hit 'Reply' to that email and ask whichever questions you like. If you don't receive it, check your Junk mail - or search your mail for: shoppe@listentoyourhorse.com

FREE SHIPPING! within the Continental USA

*Alaska, Hawaii & International orders: Please contact us for a Discounted Shipping quote; we credit you the equivalent cost of continental USA shipping, and then just charge you whatever is in addition to that. Note that LTYH Shoppe is not responsible for customs issues and no refunds are possible on International orders.