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Private Session - Singing Horse Herd with Ginny Jablonski (1 hour)


I'm so pleased to have the amazing Ginny Jablonski running sessions and retreats with the Herd! The herd orchestrated our meeting in June 2022, at the perfect timing for all of us. For those of you who have had sessions with the herd in the past, you need to know that things have gone next-level now. The Singing Horse Herd is now working mostly multi-dimensionally and so they pulled in a practitioner who is capable of facilitating for them at this level. If you've heard/watched any of my podcasts with Ginny (pan-psychic after her death-return experience), you'll know she's well capable of handling and facilitating whatever arises, in whatever dimension.

Thank you so much for your wonderful work - maybe that is not the right word for what you are doing. It is bigger. Peace and regards from Munich - Anita

Although this video shows Ginny working physically with the herd, know that during your session, the herd may not physically be present, or only for a short period of time. We have high definition cameras covering about 2/3 of the ranch, so they certainly can show up physically, if they wish. But as they are now working mostly with issues at the Soul level, they may travel multi-dimensionally, or to other planets, galaxies, universes, to connect or bring messages from aspects of your soul that are ready to be understood, restored or released.
My session with the Herd and Ginny was and is deeply revealing and healing in ways I know, yet can’t fully express now. And haven’t fully experienced yet. Ginny’s gifts are many and exceptional. Her view of our healing journey as humans in connection with all beings mirrors mine which is so helpful; heart centered and leading from and with love... A heart full of gratitude to the Herd, Ginny, and Jini for this precious gift. - C.R.
These cedars (pic below) are one of the places the herd goes to facilitate this deeper work. During your session, you may see an occasional hoof or swishing tail peeking from the branches. Or they may go into another grove of cedars and birch at the opposite end of the property (shown in the video above) where you cannot physically see them at all. If this happens, you are at the level where you know it is meant to be and the herd wish to connect with you at other levels and in other realms. This is what Montaro taught me when he, Jax and Juno went to live up North with my friend Kesia for 3 years. Montaro said to me, "Are you limited to the physical plane, or are you not?" He gave me the opportunity to walk my talk. And I discovered I could actually communicate/work with him better by connecting telepathically/astrally!
My experience with the Singing Horse Herd was deeply profound. My soul was healing on multiple levels, through an incredible unexpected healing in which my soul had the opportunity to release old limiting beliefs. When the horses shared and supported me, the previous work allowed me to see and heal an issue that I was totally unaware of. This experience will have an everlasting effect on my journey. And while I lack words to describe the song, I could hear the horses singing with my Heart and inner ear. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to participate in a session with the SHH. - E.W.

If you're familiar with this herd, you'll know that we never quite know which direction they're going to go, or what they're going to see/read in your energy field, soul aspects, soul agreements, etc. And keep in mind they can and will access multiple iterations of you, across time and space. So you can come with specific questions, or you can just book a session and see what your soul wants addressed, resolved, healed, expanded or communicated.

*After payment, you will be emailed the link to schedule your session with Ginny.

Ginny also facilitates group retreats with the herd if you prefer that.

The herd are galactic beings. There are threads of connection through different planetary systems, universes, and beyond. The earth is moving into those higher frequencies of awareness, that blend in beings like the Singing Horse Herd who are on this planet and ready to be the wise elders to assist humans in their galactic journeys. - Kristy, USA

Ginny blends her animal communication skills and unique intuitive abilities to offer an exciting NEW paradigm in equine facilitated healing with the Singing Horse Herd, as they partner with the Divine Wisdom of YOUR HIGHER SELF. Ginny creates a space where the horses guide the session, collaborating with her expanded abilities to see, translate and explain things to you. Get ready to experience something completely different. The other aspect that is unique about a session with the Singing Horse Herd, is you may also work with other elements of the herd's land, or ecosystem. Humans are slowly re-remembering that we are all connected. But the herd already works from this place. So be prepared for the mountains, crystals (there is quartz crystal all over the Singing Horse Ranch), trees, sheep, eagle, hawk, bear and so on, to come forward and participate in your session - whatever is appropriate for you.
I was guided through a powerful expansion of my new normal energetic signature into all aspects of my body, my relationships with people, animals, environment, home and property and out into the world. I know the ripples from this session will continue to integrate and shift in the coming days. Huge hugs and deep gratitude to the herd and Ginny! - G.C.

About Ginny

Ginny Jablonski

For several years, Ginny eagerly immersed herself in the indigenous teachings of the late Benny LeBeau, also known as Rainbow Thunder Heart or “Bavado Tatun Corazon” and traveled with Bavado to study our sacred relationship with all life from his many medicine wheel ceremonies and lectures celebrated across the world. After Bavado’s death, Ginny continued her shamanic studies with a Mayan Elder, Grandmother Flordemayo, and Jan Engles-Smith of the LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism. Ginny first traveled to Australia in 2014, and was introduced to the healing paradigm and LORE of the Aboriginal people. She continues studying Aboriginal Healing and LORE today with Steve Richards, a native Aboriginal-Australian.

Ginny is also a Certified Bio-Well Practitioner (trained by Dr. Tiffany Barsotti), Certified Heart Math Facilitator, and has studied with world renowned healers such as Dr. V. Vernon Woolf (Holodynamics), Georgina Cannon (Regression and Spirit Release), Julie Renee Doering (Quantum Healing), Isa Gucciardi (Buddhism, Spirituality & Meditative Techniques), Michael J. Tamura (Clairvoyance, Spiritual & Psychic Development), Andrew Holecek (Death and Dying, The Bardo Teachings: Tibetan Book of the Dead), Dr. Paul Mills and Dr. Tiffany Barsotti (Personal Self Integration), GW Hardin (A Course in Wonders III), Donna Eden (Eden Energy Medicine), Roger Ford (Holistic Healing III), Carolyn Myss, Robert Ohotto (Archetypes & the Empathic Soul), Dr. Bradley Nelson (EFT, Body Code), and various other alternative healing modalities.


By participating in a Private Session with the Singing Horse Herd, as sanctioned by their guardian, Jini Patel Thompson, I acknowledge that I am entering into an ethical agreement with them. According to this agreement, I understand that - in addition to these Listen To Your Horse workshops/sessions - I am only to seek information or communication directly with the Singing Horse Herd. Any further or ongoing communication will come directly to me, and not through any psychics, animal communicators, or other energy practitioners that claim to be able to connect and speak with the Herd.

I understand that the Singing Horse Herd will only connect and speak with me directly, or via a practitioner that has been sanctioned by their guardian, Jini Patel Thompson. I acknowledge that any information obtained through any other channel will be incorrect, as those people do not have permission to access the Singing Horse Herd.