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Nutra-Flax (Non-GMO, Micro-Milled)


Jini Says +

Notice that this flaxseed is already ground and is also fortified with calcium. Why is it fortified with calcium? Because the ideal calcium phosphorous ratio for horses is one where the calcium is higher than the phosphorous - if that ratio drops calcium lower than 1:1 it can have negative consequences. Well, flax seed naturally has this ratio reversed - with higher phosphorous.

So HorseTech has added calcium to NutraFlax to bring the calcium:phos ratio to a healthy ratio of 635mg:443mg per 2 ounce serving. (1.12% Calcium/0.78% Phosphorous). Note that the amount of calcium added is not going to interfere with even a high calcium diet (e.g. lots of alfalfa)

I like to use flax as a topper on my High Point Daily Nutrients for Grass/Hay Fed Horses. Packed with Omega-3 flax is great for mane, tail, skin, hooves and is also anti-inflammatory.

Flaxseed also provides the essential amino acids that are missing from grass/hay, so that horses can actually utilize the protein in their grass/hay. Note: Legumes (such as alfalfa) also provide these missing aminos. And the High Point Daily Nutrients for Grass/Hay Fed Horses likewise contains the most commonly missing amino acids. I feed all three (flax, High Point, alfalfa).

See my blog for my article on Chronic Protein Deficiency - but if your horse doesn't have a good mane/tail or hooves or it's flesh is dropped away from it's spine, then you may want to look into this issue. Horses are like humans in this regard; if they are not ingesting a complete profile of essential amino acids, then they cannot fully utilize/absorb the protein in their diet.

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Flaxseed is an excellent feedstuff for equine diets--rich in protein, energy, dietary fiber and the desirable Omega-3 fatty acids. HorseTech has made it easy to feed flaxseed by offering you an enhanced milled flaxseed product--Nutra-Flax!

Nutra-Flax is food-grade, full-fat, micro-milled flaxseed that has been enhanced with high quality calcium carbonate in order to bring the calcium to phosphorus ratio into a range that is more suitable for use in equine diets (calcium should be higher than phosphorous for equines, and natural flax has this ratio reversed).

Extremely stable--in fact, HorseTech offers a full two-year stability/shelf life guarantee! HorseTech is proud to inform customers that its flaxseed is Non-GMO!


For horses weighing approximately 1,100 lbs (500 kg). Adjust serving size proportionately, based on weight, for lighter horses, younger horses or ponies. Introduce Nutra-Flax into diet gradually.

Healthy Skin and Coat: Feed approximately 2 to 6 oz. by weight (1 to 3 scoops) per day.

General Use/Weight Gain: Feed approximately 2 to 8 oz. by weight (1 to 4 scoops) per day.

Mature horses may be fed up to one (1) pound per head, per day as a source of protein, fiber and/or fat (as part of a nutritionally balanced feeding program). Always evaluate your feeding program for nutritional soundness prior to adding Nutra-Flax. Naturally rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Nutra-Flax provides essential fatty acids (Omega-3), lignans, fiber & more.

The enclosed ½ cup scoop will hold approximately two (2) ounces (57 grams) when filled to the ½ cup line.


Milled Flax, Calcium Carbonate


If you grind whole flax seeds at home, you may notice that rancidity will begin within a few days if not refrigerated (evidenced by the paint-like aroma). While whole flax seed, on the other hand, is very stable.

Traditional milling processes involved crushing, rolling, burr mills and hammer mills - as their names suggest, all these methods are very aggressive, creating heat from the friction and rupturing the fat cells within the flax. Thus the flax is destabilized and the released fat/oil rapidly leads to rancidity.

HorseTech uses a Micronized milling process with their flax, which uses low temperature and a high speed cutter that SLICES the seeds so the fat remains intact within the meal.

Seed selection is also important as green seeds are prone to spoilage - and these are removed before milling.

The result is a milled flax that has not been damaged by heat and the fat cells haven't been ruptured, thus it is stable at room temperature, similar to whole flaxseed, for 2 years.


The flaxseed component of the complete diet should not exceed 10% of the total daily intake. Introduce Nutra-Flax into diet gradually.

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Prefer Whole Flax Seed?

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