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Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is an excellent source or vitamins, minerals, protein, phytonutrients, and amino acids. It is commonly used to relieve allergies and breathing problems. One of our horse listeners found it very helpful to eliminate a goopy eye problem. I used it with Zorra and it also helped greatly reduce her eye discharge. But for her eye discharge to completely clear up, my daughter had to start spending time with her regularly - remember, mind/body/spirit are ONE. So we need to treat the whole horse! And the message Zorra was sending us through her body, was that she really needed my daughter Zara to be with her (for both their sakes).

The only thing you should know about spirulina is that most horses don't like it's taste. So you have to start with a very small amount and gradually build up over time. Drizzling with flax or hempseed oil also helps with ingestion. I would sprinkle it in Zorra's feed dish (in this order: pure alfalfa pellets or chopped hay, High Point Daily Nutrients, spirulina, 1 tbsp seaweed powder, = flax oil).

Also check out our Respire product, which contains Spirulina, MSM, Jiaogulan and Vitamin C, Turmeric.

p.s. You may have heard that some species of blue-green algae naturally produce toxins called microcystins which accumulate in the liver and can cause liver damage. Well Health Canada tested numerous blue-green algae products and determined that ONLY products made from spirulina blue-green algae were not considered a health risk.

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Spirulina Micro Algae Powder


Consult with your equine nutritionist or Veterinarian prior to use. Do not feed undiluted.

Scoop: One (1) rounded 14.7cc scoop (tablespoon) will hold approximately 10 grams Spirulina microalgae powder.

After each use, re-seal plastic liner with twist tie and close lid securely. Store in cool, dry place away from heat and humidity. Keep container clean and avoid contamination.


This product is designated as a basic ingredient. HorseTech guarantees the potency and analysis of the product. However, they cannot guarantee palatability or acceptance. There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges available for this particular product. Please be aware of this when ordering HorseTech's basic ingredients. HorseTech strongly suggests that you utilize a gram scale for accurate weighing of this ingredient. Please use caution when handling. Always keep this product out of reach of children.

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If you prefer to purchase from Amazon (also do a price check to compare) I found you this Certified Organic Spirulina from Starwest Botanicals that looks excellent.

This Certified Organic Kelp powder from the same supplier also looks really good (I add 1 tbsp of powdered seaweed/kelp to my horses daily supplements).